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Great Babe Candle

Life is tough girl, but so are you. Your unique glow is what the universe craves. Babe, you sparkle. Shine bright like the optimistic goddess you were born to be. Take some time for yourself, and reflect on all of your unique blessings xo SMELLS LIKE Fresh Lavender, Natural Herbs, Rich Sandalwood PERFECT FOR Feeling #blessed


Personally Victimized By My Own Child

Mommin’ ain’t easy! Being a full-time meltdown manager can take it out of a girl. Light up this cute little candle and take a moment just for you. Quit stressing just long enough for you to reset and refresh.  SMELLS LIKE Cherry Blossom, Rose & Magnolia, Warm Sandalwood. PERFECT FOR

Mood Resetting


Who Runs the World?  Moms

Mommin’ ain‘t easy, but Babe, you’re like a total super (s)hero. Moms like you gave girls like me the courage and strength to be the heroine of our own stories. Plus you’re like a really great free therapist.   SMELLS LIKE. Champagne Mimosa, Mandarin, Coconut, Sandalwood, Vanilla

PERFECT FOR. Some “me time”


Soy & Essential Oil in glass

Candle Fun

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