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Hi, I'm the Grounded Mango Crush Hair Mask, It's nice to meet you.Are you ready to take the tropics to the tub. Introducing the Grounded Mango Crush Hydrating and Clarifying Hair Mask. It's the little Tropical hair mask packed with the Vitamins, Mineral and Anti-Oxidants you need for Gorgeous, Healthy and Glossy hair.  Filled with gorgeous natural oils to help support strong healthy hair so soft you won't stop running your ringers through it!What does it do?It moisturises hair and scalp with extra virgin Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and Grapeseed Oil so you're left with a hydrated scalp and glossy hair.Helps to remove excess oil and calm frizzy hair It has Antibacterial propertiesSay Goodbye to Dry, Dull and Lifeless hair and say to fresh, glossy hairHelps to reduce dandruff and dry skinStops Breakage and Split endsHelps wash away excess product build up (a contributing factor of greasy hair!)Perfect for dry hair and sensitive scalps both in need of a little love.I contain Kukui Nut Oil to repair, protect and strengthen strands.I leave your hair looking incredible, feeling silky and gorgeously smooth every time.I condition your hair with extra virgin Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and Grapeseed Oil so hair is left with a radiant shine.I contain Coffee Oil to give your hair a caffeinated Boost.Last but certainly not least it leaves you feeling and smelling like a tropical goddessHow to Use:1) General Use: Wet Hair and Shampoo as normal (This helps to open your hairs cuticle), then apply a grape sized amount of this fruity mask through the lengths of your hair. Leave in for 5/10 minutes, the perfect time to give your scalp a little massage. Shampoo again and then condition (This will close the hairs cuticle and seal all the goodness inside). Style as Normal 2) The Longer and more Luxurious Use: Wet hair and Shampoo as normal, wash off and apply a generous amount of hair mask throughout the hairs lengths. Leave on for up to 30 minutes then rinse with shampoo and finally condition. Style as Normal Beauty Tip: You can also add me to your daily conditioner for an extra Shine Booster. Add a small drop into your bath to moisturise skin (be careful as it might get a little bit slippery)Dab into cuticles for a mini manicure momentWarnings:Patch Test First. Rinse off if irritation occurs and cease use. Do not put in eyes or mouth. Keep all parts out of reach of children. 

Grounded Mango Crush for Hair

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