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ebb & flo's leather waterproofer & conditioner is all natural, handmade, & safe for most leather goods and does not cause build up.   Most sprays do not condition leather, they are generally speaking, for waterproofing only.  Leather needs moisture, it needs to be conditioned to maintain it's natural and enduring properties.


Use:  Use a soft cloth and wipe a minimal amount on finished leather in a inconspicuous location for testing. Safe to use on genuine or artificial leather goods.  Gently, using minimal amounts of product, rub the entire surface area of the product paying special attention not to over use in the seam areas and apply some extra care to worked areas like the handles of your handbag, piped binding, and areas that see significant contact or movement eg. the bottom of your handbag, the elbows of your jacket, a belt.  The product restores leather to it's more lusterous original condition.  A a little goes a long way.


Not for use on suede or nubuck leathers.    


Storage: Use a simple plastic bag or storage container for the cloth and product which keeps the cloth moistened for quick refreshes.  


Specialty Product In Store Only:  In stores you will also find a specialty product for hardened or vintage leather goods, a heatable liquid product, also natural, to intensify penetration of leathers like snake, aligator, croc and vintage products that normal creams or conditioners will not penetrate due to their dry or hardened state.   Like our leather cream, the heatable liquid product conditions and waterproofs. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the product, we are unable to ship ebb & flo leather conditioning oil.

Leather Cream

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