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Botanical MOISTURE Serum

ebb & flo's Moisture Serum is the most effective beauty product to incorporate into your routine and a #1 choice for thirsty dry skin.  It is lightweight, penetrates skin quickly, and gives skin a beautiful, soothing and calming feel. Contains time-releasing antioxidants and is safe and beneficial for acne-prone skin.   Follow it up with ebb & flo's Mango Hydrate and you'll feel the difference.


- Antioxidants
- Vitamins E and C
- Sodium Hyaluronate - We choose to use sodium hyaluronate in our products because it is a smaller molecule than hyaluronic acid, which allows it to more easily penetrate the skin.
- Anti-Inflammatory Peptide Complex 


Made in Canada.   20ml Pump Dispenser

Botanical MOISTURE Serum

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