You'll slide these on and feel like ahhhh.. butter,  I'm living in these!  Monari Italy comfort pant in black with silver chain embellishments, dress them up with your favourite top or sweatshirt!  It doens't matter how you wear them, you'll be wearing them often.  Not quite a legging or a jegging, but the something inbetween.  A simple must have for your wardrobe!  Elegant or sporty, you can easily combine any top to create your personal look.  Sized with stretch comfort.

EU Sizing - 38 = 8  / 44 = 14  From the owner "I own these and there's literally nothing more comfortable I've ever worn in a pant that feels this good or is this comfortable and is still "presentable" at dinner".    These are the "Ferrari" of "sweat pants".

Monari Italy Pant

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