Each collection in the PICK 6 category contains 6 items (one of each as listed).  

    These are full sized products, not samples.  This item qualifies for FREE SHIPPING Canada Wide.


    1 x BONBON MATTE LIQUID Lipstick

    This revolutionary formulation of lip product makes our Matte Liquid Lipstick an absolute must have. Applies like smooth silk and dries to a velvety matte, long lasting finish.

    • Pigment rich
    • Smooth application with a matte, velvety finish
    • Long lasting
    • 5 mL / 0.17 fl oz


    1 x ANTIOXIDANT Toner

    This toner has conditioning elements to help calm environmentally stressed skin. A blend of natural plant extracts makes the skin feel smooth and refreshed. Infused with Hamamelis Extract (also known as Witch Hazel Extract), it is helpful in calming irritated skin as well as reducing pore size.

    • Suitable all skin types
    • Contains natural Witch Hazel Extract
    • No artificial fragrances or colors
    • 70 mL / 2.4 fl oz


    1 x GOLDEN The Three G's GLITZ, GLAM, Glitter

    Ultra reflecting glitter will add that sparkle and glamour to any makeup look, made from the finest makeup grade glitter.

    • Ultra sparkly glitter particles
    • Multipurpose – use on face, nails, and hair
    • 2.8 g / 0.10 oz
    • non-toxic, even if ingested in small quantities. It's colored with pigment rather than dye, so that the color doesn't leach out and stain. Cosmetic glitter is much finer than craft glitter, and the individual particles are usually rounded rather than hexagonal


    1 x TIPSY LIP Pencil

    Enhance, fill in, and define your lips with these long lasting lip pencils.

    • Long lasting formula
    • Smooth application
    • 2.4 g / 0.08 oz


    1 x THE BOMB Bathbomb

    Each bath bomb has been handmade in small batches with fresh, fun and fabulous ingredients. We are passionate about natural, toxin-free and safe for use bath bombs. Each bath bomb weighs between 175-200g - roughly 2.75" in diameter or slightly larger!  Our bath bombs are handmade in Canada using natural ingredients provided by Mother Nature, are cruelty free and environmentally friendly. 
    Assorted variations all Made in Canada.  Some kits may contain ebb & flo's handmade organic, goat's milk, super hydrating, all natural vanilla based bombs. 


    1 x The SCRUNCHIE

    We can't live without them at our house and they often disappear like socks!

    A scrunchie (or scrunchy) is a fabric covered elastic hair tie used to fasten hair.




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