It's what we use in our shops for a reason.  We have been asked about this a lot because it doesn't smell like stale alcohol and it isn't sticky or dehydrating. It's just fresh & clean. Health Canada rated, sanitizer spray is perfect for at home or for when you are on the go! We have formulated this with 70% Isopropyl alcohol, and essential oils of Lemon and Lavender for their anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Loaded with aloe vera juice to keep your hands hydrated.  Enjoy this fresh scented spray for your hands when soap, water and a sink are not available. Perfect for spraying surfaces and your hands.  Non-sticky, naturally scented and clean smelling.

Works beautifully on glass as well!  A little goes a very long way.   Made in Canada.

120ml spray pump bottle.

Add on products are available to ship with other goods when you spend $75 or more online outside of the add-on category.

Sanitizer That's Just Better


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